Monday, August 24, 2009

Finally a post!

Quick disclaimer: I am not terrific at articulating myself through typing. I'm much better in person! So please keep that in mind when reading any of my post, thanks.

I have so many post that I think about, that I mean to write and then I never do. I either forget or get frustrated that when I sit to write it down it's never as good as it was when I first talked it through my head. But today I decided to just sit down and write at least one of them!

Today's post is about homeschooling. I've become keenly aware that it is often an uncomfortable place to find yourself when you tell someone that you are going to homeschool. Many are interested, some think it is wonderful, others are indifferent but some seem to be offended or openly disapproving. I'm not going to go into the details and studies on socialization, a common topic that is brought up. I just simply want to say that my choice to homeschool has nothing to do with your choice not to.

It seems as if some feel like I think I'm a better parent because I'm not sending my kids off to public school. Or they think I think they are bad parents because their kids are in public school. And to be honest it's a tough one to try and talk about without offending someone. If I say, "Yeah, I just don't feel comfortable with my kids going to public school." Or "I just don't think public school offers what it should" Or "I think my kids are better benefited by staying home." Others assume that I think poorly of them if they don't do as I'm doing. Well, let me just make it clear, homeschooling is a personal choice. It isn't for everyone. I am more than ok with your choice as a parent as to how your child will be educated.

Homeschooling, in my opinion, is a choice that each family has to prayerfully decide on. What is right for my family may not be right for yours. In the scriptures we find an example in two different families. We have the prophet Jeremiah who was commanded to stay in Jerusalem and preach, even though the people were extremely wicked and Jeremiah was imprisoned more than once. On the other hand we have the prophet Lehi who was commanded to leave Jerusalem and take his family into the wilderness. So to some you may feel it best to stay and to others you may feel it best to leave. I'm not judging you, so please don't judge me!