Monday, May 24, 2010

Stupid in public

I really don't want to give any extra attention to topics or events that I don't think should get a lot of attention, but I am going to for this post. I don't follow Hollywood, but I couldn't avoid hearing about Lindsay Lohan. The fact that she is shooting a movie in Texas and therefore can't spend time in prison for her wrong doings, disgusting. It just makes me sick that we give special treatment, of any kind to famous people. In my opinion those who are famous should be held to a higher standard. If you want to be famous and have people want to be you then you should have to be someone decent. I'm not saying they need to be perfect, but come on! All the people who want to be like this star or that one and all the star does is party, do drugs, drink and drive. Instead of society giving them slack, we should punish them more. Isn't there some way we can charge them for negligently leading others down illegal paths?

I mean it just seems to me that instead of rewarding Lohan (or others like her) for being famous by letting them off easy so they can go make more money we should punish them more for being stupid in public!

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apesjam said...

I was watching a story about this last night on the news and her lawyer asked the judge if Lohan could get by without the tracing anklet because she had photo shoots and asked about the movie as well and I thought they all got denied which I gave props the the judge about. Another reason not to live in California.